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The Cutest Monkey Out there

18 March 1982
I have decided to update my profile. I didn't have much here so I figured it needed it.

+About me+
Well my name is Kayla and I live in Columbus Georgia which is like the most boring place in Georgia. I have a new home that I just bought and I live with my significant other, Daniel and our three dogs, Sage,Bailey, and Chance.
I attended and graduated from the Atlanta College of art, which is now SCAD in Atlanta ( JERKS!!), with a major of Computer of Animation. I am currently trying to find a job in my field but sadly, I haven't yet. I work for the duck, if you know what I mean. I do have a website though, it's www.kayladoodles.net

I update my journal randomly and sometimes not very often. but you know... what are you gonna do.

[animal crossing friend code]:
Town name: Onyx
Friend Code: 0945-7603-4547